Kayak, Canoe & SUP Repair

Kayak/Canoe/SUP Repair & Accessory Installation has been a service offered by Great Miami Outfitters since we opened in 2007. We offer several repair and installation options, depending on what damage needs repaired or what accessories you're purchasing. Our staff has handled hundreds of repair and installation jobs - if you have a question, just ask!

We'd be happy to provide an estimate for repair or accessory installation on your specific boat. Call us for details or to schedule an appointment.

Great Miami Outfitters offers:
• Patch repair to thermo-molded plastic, fiberglass, gel coats on kayaks & canoes
• Patches to inflatable SUPs
• Structural repair including gunwales, thwarts and yokes
• Accessory installations
• Skid plate and keel guard installations
• Rudder installations
• UV coating application
• Polishing and buffing glass boats

Kayak Repair Project: Fix broken and cracked clear gel coat on fiberglass on a kayak and add keel guard.
PHOTOS Left to Right: "Before" photo shows broken gel coat and spider cracks; center shows "After" photo of repaired gel coat; right shows keel guard applied and hull of kayak polished and buffed.

Kayak Repair Project: Damage to stern keel from dragging this therm-molded plastic kayak on the ground over time .
PHOTOS Left to Right: "Before" photo shows damage with hole and very thin plastic - customer tried self repair using candle wax; center shows "After" photo of repaired welded plastic; right shows final keel with added thick plastic.

Canoe Repair Project: Canoe was stored outside causing rotten gunwales and cane seat.
TOP PHOTOS Left to Right: "Before" photo shows damage to rotten gunwales; top center shows "In Process" photo of spliced in new ash and cedar gunwales; top right shows closeup of wood splice.
BOTTOM PHOTOS Left to Right: Bottom left photo shows detail spliced gunwales; bottom center shows detail of finished bow and gunwales; bottom right shows finished project with restored gunwales and cane seat.