Our passion is great food in the great outdoors. We adapt the comforts of home for the rigors of your adventures, whether you’re summiting a mountain or setting up on the sidelines of a soccer game. We believe food brings us together, sustains our explorations, and, mysteriously, always tastes better when cooked and eaten outside.

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  • GSI IsoButane Fuel Cartridge - 110g

    GSI IsoButane Fuel Cartridge - 110g

    This high-performance blend of isobutane / propane performs year round, regardless of how much fuel is left.

    • $4.95
  • GSI IsoButane Fuel Cartridge - 230g

    GSI IsoButane Fuel Cartridge - 230g

    This high-performance blend of isobutane / propane performs year round, regardless of how much fuel is left.

    • $5.95
  • GSI Crossover Kitchen Kit

    GSI Crossover Kitchen Kit

    Integrated 12 piece kitchen set has every utensil for a gourmet backpacking trip neatly organized into a lightweight tote that keeps everything organized and nests within the nFORM Crossover System Cooksets.

    • $36.95
  • GSI Cathole Trowel

    GSI Cathole Trowel

    The Cathole Trowel is designed to be the easiest and toughest 'cathole' trowel on the market. Sharp serrations easily cut through matted forest flora, root cutters can be deployed for really tough situations.

    • $6.00
  • GSI Coffee Rocket

    GSI Coffee Rocket

    The GSI Outdoors Coffee Rocket is an incredibly clever, one person pour-over camp coffee maker which collapses to nest inside your favorite camp mug.

    • $9.95
  • GSI Escape Bowl

    GSI Escape Bowl

    This nifty GSI Outdoors Escape Collapsible Bowl is a backpacking essential.

    • $15.95
  • GSI Infinity Backpacker Mug

    GSI Infinity Backpacker Mug

    Insulated, ballistic nylon-wrapped cozy and collapsible handle is easy to hold and packs down.

    • $11.95
  • GSI Nesting Wine Glass Set

    GSI Nesting Wine Glass Set

    Take your wine camping, on a picnic, or to a festival.

    • $14.95
  • GSI Pinnacle Canister Stove

    GSI Pinnacle Canister Stove

    Pinnacle Stoves are compact, lightweight and high-output, designed for efficiency in every regard.

    • $49.95
  • GSI Salt & Pepper Shaker

    GSI Salt & Pepper Shaker

    Durable classic, ultra-compact camp necessity has double waterproof compartments and removable screens for easy refilling.

    • $5.95
  • GSI Soft Sided Condiment Bottle Set

    GSI Soft Sided Condiment Bottle Set

    This set of four 2 fl. oz. compact, soft sided containers, made of laminated polypropylene are easy to refill for packing along all your favorite flavor boosting condiments.

    • $13.95
  • GSI Tekk Cutlery Set

    GSI Tekk Cutlery Set

    Classic utensil design in a more compact package. The set weighs a diminutive .7 oz, and at just over 6 inches in length, meets your packability standard as well.

    • $2.95
  • GSI Ultralight Java Drip

    GSI Ultralight Java Drip

    The ethereal Ultralight Java Drip comes in an ultra-compact design that nests under any standard fuel cartridge, so who says you can,t keep your pack light and drink your coffee too? Step out of your tent and drip-brew some bold, backcountry bliss.

    • $9.95
  • GSI Wine Glass Gift Set - Terroir

    GSI Wine Glass Gift Set - Terroir

    The insulated Wine Tote and set of 2 nesting wine glasses makes it easy to carry your favorite wine anywhere.

    • $39.95
  • GSI Folding Cutting Board

    GSI Folding Cutting Board

    Incredible, folding prep and cutting surface
    • $7.95
  • GSI Reusable Java Filter #4

    GSI Reusable Java Filter #4

    A simple, portable, drip coffee system. Designed to fit traditional #4 cone pour over coffe makers. Reusable and packable.
    • $5.50
  • GSI Escape 1 Person Table Set

    GSI Escape 1 Person Table Set

    An incredibly efficient, flat-folding silicone bowl, cup and utensil. 

    • $31.95
  • GSI Pinnacle Backpacker 2-Person Cook Set

    GSI Pinnacle Backpacker 2-Person Cook Set

    This is it – the Pinnacle of strength, performance, and GSI design. Built for backpacking, this is a complete cooking and eating set-up for two. 

    • $99.95
  • GSI Boulder 6 Flask

    GSI Boulder 6 Flask

    Your favorite beverage can now go anywhere in the Boulder Flask. Includes graduations for measuring and can take any fall with the sleek bumper flask. The Boulder 6 Flask holds 6 fl oz, has a shatter-resistant body with bumper, graduations, and a hinged silicone cap making it impossible to misplace.

    • Shatter-resistant, copolyester resin body and grippy, silicone bumper mean this flask can go anywhere
    • Wide mouth makes for easy filling, pouring and drinking
    • Hinged top with silicone grip is easy to open and impossible to misplace
    • Convenient molded graduation marks
    • BPA Free
    • holds 6 fl oz
    • $16.95
  • GSI Folding Foon

    GSI Folding Foon

    This amazing little utensil's clever folding form uces the Foon's footprint from 6.1 in use, to less than 3.7 for storage in a shirt pocket, the corner of a cookset, under a fuel cartridge or in some other, little, unused nook. We know how precious every last ounce can be, and at a miniscule 0.6 oz., there's no excuse not to carry it everywhere.

    • Functions as both a fork and spoon
    • Clever folding design compacts to just 3.7" long, but extends and locks to become a 6.1" utensil
    • Fits neatly under a fuel canister
    • Color-coded to coordinate with other nFORM Ultralight and Crossover items
    • Rugged acetal bowl and stainless steel handle
    • $4.95
  • GSI Collapsible Java Drip

    GSI Collapsible Java Drip

    The Collapsible JavaDrip's clever, expanding silicone cone brews fresh, delicious coffee and yet collapses to just 1-inch high to travel anywhere. Simply set the filter on top of your favorite container, from a wide mouth water bottle to a small pot, add any brand of #4 filter, grounds and water and voila, eye-opening drip coffee just like home. The convenient cover even doubles as a trivet for the cone when you're done brewing and keeps everything clean during transport.

    • $12.95
  • GSI Infinity Bowl

    GSI Infinity Bowl

    The Infinity Bowl is a durable, BPA-free bowl that won't hold odors or impart any tastes. 6 inch, all-purpose camp bowl Made of CLEAN + GREEN non-leaching, 100% recyclable, Clear Polypropylene Lightweight, stacking design

    • $4.50
  • GSI Infinity Plate

    GSI Infinity Plate

    Ultra-lightweight, completely recyclable, and BPA-Free

    • $4.50
  • GSI Gourmet Kitchen Set 11

    GSI Gourmet Kitchen Set 11

    This integrated, 11 piece set neatly stores in a soft-sided, zippered case, ideal for cooking larger meals on the trail.

    • $39.95
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