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  • Grayl UL Purifier Cartridge

    Grayl UL Purifier Cartridge

    Purify Water. Anywhere. Our replaceable Purifier Cartridge is suitable for the rigors of global travel, outdoor adventure, and emergency use. Full-spectrum purification (+filtration) provides ultimate protection against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa), particulates, chemicals and heavy metals.

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    • $24.95
  • MSR MiniWorks/WaterWorks Ceramic Element

    MSR MiniWorks/WaterWorks Ceramic Element

    Replacement ceramic filter element for both MiniWorks and WaterWorks microfilters provides increased flow rates for older models.

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    • $39.95
  • Grayl Geopress Cartridge

    Grayl Geopress Cartridge

    Replacement purifier cartridges for the GEOPRESS are designed to last 350 cycles (65 gal. / 250L).

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    • $29.95
  • MSR TrailShot Filter Cartridge & Maintenance Kit

    MSR TrailShot Filter Cartridge & Maintenance Kit

    This kit contains a replacement filter cartridge for the TrailShot filter, as well as the small components and instructions necessary to service your TrailShot™ water filter for lasting performance.

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    • $34.95
  • MSR Miniworks/Waterworks Maintenance Kit

    MSR Miniworks/Waterworks Maintenance Kit

    This simple maintenance kit includes everything you need, from o-rings to silicone lube, so you can keep your filter running smooth for years to come.

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    • $19.95