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  • GSI Santoku Cut+Prep Set

    GSI Santoku Cut+Prep Set

    Stop, chop and roll. This ultra-light prep-set includes a 4" santoku paring knife, a rolling cutting board and a mesh bag to keep all your prep gear securely and neatly organized no matter where your knife skills are in high demand.

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    • $15.95
  • GSI Crossover Kitchen Kit

    GSI Crossover Kitchen Kit

    Integrated 12 piece kitchen set has every utensil for a gourmet backpacking trip neatly organized into a lightweight tote that keeps everything organized and nests within the nFORM Crossover System Cooksets.

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    • $34.95
  • GSI Gourmet Kitchen Set 11

    GSI Gourmet Kitchen Set 11

    This integrated, 11 piece set neatly stores in a soft-sided, zippered case, ideal for cooking larger meals on the trail.

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    • $39.95
  • Orion Buckboard Cutlery Kit

    Orion Buckboard Cutlery Kit

    From serving shore lunches to butchering backstraps, the Orion Buckboard is ready to serve you.

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    • $149.95
  • MSR Alpine Utensil Set

    MSR Alpine Utensil Set

    In the backcountry, a utensil needs to be more than a just a utensil. They should multi-task, and be compact and light enough to bring anywhere without hesitation.

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    • $16.95