Stohlquist WaterWare

Stohlquist WaterWare

There is a reason why the best boaters in the world trust their lives to Stohlquist gear. A Stohlquist life vest feels great the first time on. All Stohlquist products are the result of a lifetime of hands-on paddling, entrepreneurial spirit, craftsmanship and design experience of the company founder and president, Jim Stohlquist. Each model we offer follows the lineage of 30 years of product innovation, refinement, incorporating the latest in raw material development and manufacturing know-how to provide our customers with the best WaterWare available today.

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Deluxe Paddle Biner
Stohlquist 2mm Sandal Socks
Stohlquist Canyon PFD Vest
Stohlquist Coaster PFD Vest
Stohlquist Contact Paddler Gloves
Stohlquist Contour Inflatable Belt Pack
Stohlquist Contour Rearming Kit
Stohlquist Descent PFD Vest
Stohlquist Drifter PFD Vest
Stohlquist Edge PFD Vest
Stohlquist EZ Drysuit
Stohlquist Kahuna PFD Vest
Stohlquist Keeper PFD Vest
Stohlquist Kids' Loose Fit RashGuard Long-Sleeve
Stohlquist MAW Paddler Gloves
Stohlquist Men's Bodhi Watershoe
Stohlquist Men's BurnOut Rashguard LS
Stohlquist Men's CoreHeater - 1mm
Stohlquist Men's Escape PFD Life Vest
Stohlquist Men's Loose-Fit Rashguard- Long Sleeve
Stohlquist Men's Loose-Fit Rashguard- Short Sleeve
List price: $69.95 21% savings
Stohlquist Men's Seaboard Watershoe
Stohlquist Men's Stohlquist FreeRyde Drytop
Stohlquist Men's Storm Long John
Stohlquist Men's Tideline Boots
Stohlquist Men's Tideline Low Bootie
Stohlquist Nemo Child PFD Life Vest
Stohlquist Nemo Infant PFD Life Vest
Stohlquist Neptune Drypants
Stohlquist O.S.F.A. PFD Vest
Stohlquist Rapid Capri 1mm
Stohlquist ReTraxt Tow Tether - 12 ft.
Stohlquist Rocker PFD Vest
Stohlquist Seatow Bullet Throw Bag
Stohlquist Squeeze Lock Blunt Tip Knife
Stohlquist Torrent Long-Sleeve Jacket
List price: $129.95 27% savings
Stohlquist Tread Splashwear Pants
Stohlquist Water Mocassin
Stohlquist Women's BetSEA PFD Vest
Stohlquist Women's BurnOut Rashguard - Long-Sleeve
Stohlquist Women's BurnOut Rashguard - Short-Sleeve
Stohlquist Women's CoreHeater - 1mm
Stohlquist Women's Flo PFD Life Vest
Stohlquist Women's FreePlay Drytop
Stohlquist Women's Loose Fit Rashguard - Short-Sleeve
Stohlquist Women's Misty PFD Vest
Stohlquist Women's P2 RashGuard Long-Sleeve
Stohlquist Women's Storm Long Jane
List price: $59.95 33% savings
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