Seals is proud to be recognized for sprayskirt innovations such as the tensioned deck stay and rim grip fabrics, but it's also stoked to be involved in its community. Nestled in the Adirondack foothills, Seals has designed a new Green Initiative Program, confirming the company's commitment to preserving the integrity of environment around its community. The new program pinpoints energy- and waste-reduction strategies and promotes environmental consciousness. The company has also conducted a full waste-stream analysis to max cost savings as well as to reduce waste that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Seals 1/2" Thick Foam Padding
Seals 1/4" Thick Foam Padding
Seals 18-ft. Quick Release Tow System
Seals 5" Plate Bag
Seals Adventurer Skirt
Seals Angler Over Vest
List price: $59.95 20% savings
Seals Bilge Pump
Seals Bilge Sponge
Seals Breathable Nylon Pogies
Seals Cockpit Seal
Seals Compact Rescue Throw - 40 feet
Seals Compact Rescue Throw Bag - 50 feet
Seals Compact Rescue Throw Bag - 75 feet
Seals Deluxe Paddle Leash
Seals Full Size Gear Bag
Seals Gear Pod
Seals Inflatable Paddle Float
Seals Inlander Spray Skirt
List price: $54.95 9% savings
Seals Large Backband
Seals Lumbar / Leg Support
Seals Mega Gear Bag
Seals Mesh Deck Bag
Seals Neoprene Pogies
Seals Paddle Float
Seals Paddle Leash
Seals Quick Release Belt
Seals Safety Whistle
Seals Shocker Spray Skirts
Seals Small Backband
Seals Splash Deck Skirt
Seals Splash Deck X Skirt
Seals SUP Safety Tether
Seals Tandem Cockpit Cover
Seals Tow Rope Belt - 50 feet
Seals Tow Tether 48in
Seals Travel Safety Flag
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