Sea To Summit

Sea To Summit
In the spring of 1990, Tim Macartney-Snape decided to climb Everest from "sea to summit". First, Tim had a swim in the tepid waters of India's Bay of Bengal then set off on foot across the Gangetic plain toward the distant Himalayan foothills. Four months later, after climbing alone from Base Camp and without the assistance of oxygen, he set foot once again on the highest point on earth. Tim's solo ascent of Mt. Everest was named the "Sea to Summit" expedition. Back in Australia, Tim joined forces with climbing friend, sewing enthusiast and design guru Roland Tyson to build a business that could make use of their knowledge of the outdoors to create truly ingenious, well-made but affordable outdoor equipment. They named their company Sea to Summit after Tim's expedition and the business prospered. Today the Sea to Summit brand continues to provide innovative gear and serves a growing band of outdoor enthusiasts all over the world.

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AquaRacks Storage System
AquaSlings Storage System
Sea to Summit Citronella Wilderness Wash - 1.3 oz.
Sea to Summit Pocket Body Wash
Sea to Summit Pocket Hand Wash
Sea to Summit Pocket Laundry Wash
Sea to Summit Pocket Shampoo with Conditioner
Sea to Summit Pocket Shaving Soap
Sea to Summit Pocket Towel - Large
Sea to Summit Pocket Towel - Small
Sea to Summit Tek Towel - Large
Sea to Summit Tek Towel - Medium
Sea to Summit Tek Towel - Small
Sea to Summit Tek Towel - XLarge
Sea to Summit Tek Towel - XSmall
Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash - 1.3 oz.
Sea-to-Summit Alloy Pocket Trowel
Sea-to-Summit Bilge Pump
List price: $21.95 9% savings
Sea-to-Summit Bomber Tie Down Straps - 2m
Sea-to-Summit Bomber Tie Down Straps - 3m
Sea-to-Summit Bomber Tie Down Straps - 4m
Sea-to-Summit Compression Sack Extra Large
Sea-to-Summit Compression Sack Extra Small
Sea-to-Summit Compression Sack Large
Sea-to-Summit Compression Sack Medium
Sea-to-Summit Compression Sack Small
Sea-to-Summit Deluxe Pack Cover - Small
Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack - Small
Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack - X-Small
Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack Large
Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack Medium
Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Sack X-Large
Sea-to-Summit Kayak Cart - Medium
Sea-to-Summit Kayak Cart - Sit On Top (SOT)
Sea-to-Summit Kayak Cart - Small
Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - 13L
Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - 1L
Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - 20L
Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - 2L
Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - 35L
Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - 4L
Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - 8L
Sea-to-Summit Nylon Pocket Trowel
Sea-to-Summit Pack Tap - 10L
Sea-to-Summit Pack Tap - 2L
Sea-to-Summit Pack Tap - 4L
Sea-to-Summit Pack Tap - 6L
Sea-to-Summit Paddle Leash
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