Point 6

Point 6
All of our socks are made with the Merino’s miracle fibre, nature’s counter to stinky old synthetics. This amazing fibre comes the hardiest of all sheep, that live in the rocky high country. So it comes as no surprise, that a special animal is needed to keep these wily woolly adversaries in line. That animal is the humble sheep dog, Mother Nature’s canine enforcers.
Point 6 Men's Active Light Cushion Micro Socks
Point 6 Men's Boot Extra Heavy Mid-Calf Sock
Point 6 Men's Hiking Medium Crew Socks
List price: $12.95 38% savings
List price: $21.95 32% savings
List price: $17.95 39% savings
Point 6 Men's Hiking Tech Light Mini Crew Sock
Point 6 Men's Tech Light Crew Socks
Point 6 Men's Trekking Heavy Cushion Crew Socks
List price: $17.95 44% savings
List price: $17.95 22% savings
Point 6 Women's Active Light Cushion Micro Socks
Point 6 Women's Hiking Light Cushion Crew Socks
Point 6 Women's Hiking Light Mini Crew Socks
List price: $12.95 31% savings
List price: $15.95 31% savings
Point 6 Women's Hiking Medium Mini Crew Socks
Point 6 Women's Koi Fish Light 3/4 Crew Socks
Point 6 Women's Multi Stripe Light Crew Socks
List price: $14.95 33% savings
List price: $15.95 25% savings
List price: $16.95 6% savings
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